Understanding What it takes to make business websites drive revenue

marketing effectiveness drives profitability

A popular website attracts more clicks and generates more sales revenue. Being competitive on the internet does not mean a company has to number one organically on Google and Bing. Downs Marketing helps companies build the right website popularity campaign to meet their branding and sales revenue objectives. Call 303-748-581 or email us at info@downsmkting.com for a free consultation.

Website visitors come from the following sources - direct, search, referral and social. All these clicks sources together determine the popularity of a website. If a company has great brand awareness, people will type in the URL directly into a browser or search engine to find the company on the internet. Companies with strong SEO strategies get their share of clicks from Google and Bing keyword search engines searches. Websites with most incoming quality links and referrals are considered more popular than their competitors. Business use social media to build a community of interested people talking ts products and services on Facebook, Twitter and referral networks. A popularity campaign is a strategy to build dominance in each click source area. The effort and cost to make a website popular depends on the web savviness and the advertising budgets of a company's competitors.

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